This is Ashes of Ares’ “Hell”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Let me see your cigarette lightersAshes of Ares, the new band featuring two former members of Iced Earth (vocalist Matt Barlow and bassist Freddie Vidales) and one former member of Nevermore (drummer Van Williams), have released a video for their song “This is My Hell” (below). And while the clip itself isn’t really anything special, the song ROCKS, bruh. It’s basically a(n awesome, epic) power metal power ballad. There’s even a shot of a cigarette being lit at the :55 mark that seems to not-so-subtly imply that viewers should raise their cigarette lighters during the song’s intro. (Which is adorable! ‘Cause no one raises cigarette lighters anymore in this day and age of cell phones.)

Ashes of Ares’ self-titled debut is out now on Nuclear Blast.

[via Metal Underground]

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