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The Gates of Slumber Take a Dirt Nap


The Gates of Slumber Take a Dirt NapKarl Simon, vocalist/guitarist for The Gates of Slumber, has posted the following message to the Hellride Music forums, announcing the band’s break-up in the wake of bassist Jason McCash quitting the group:

Gates of Slumber Break Up

I wasn’t a Gates of Slumber fan, but I know a lot of you were, so… my sincerest apologies for your loss. I’m sure that sounds typically facetious but please note my use of the word “sincere.” I know how bad it sucks when a band you love breaks up. So I really feel for you, guys! Especially anyone who had tickets to go see them play with Church of Misery in November. ‘Cause that’s obviously not happening anymore.

In related news, this is the first instance I can ever recall of a metal band breaking up because they lost their bass player. Seriously. I cannot think of one of single example, can you? Fucking amazing.

[via Profound Lore’s Twitter]

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