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Tip: Is Evan Brewer Auditioning for a “Legendary” Band? (Also: Are The Faceless Breaking Up Soon?)


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The following should all be taken with a big old spoonful of salt. MetalSucks has not confirmed any of the below with The Faceless or any official source connected to the band.

That said, we have a couple of very interesting rumors to report on today:

1) We have it on good word from a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous that the reason Evan Brewer isn’t out on tour with The Faceless right now is because he’s auditioning for a band “of a legendary status.” We’re not even going to begin speculating as to what band that could be because the possibilities are endless, but it certainly seems plausible: Evan Brewer is a very talented bassist who has not only proven he’s able to seamlessly join a well-known band, but that he’s willing to do so (ala The Faceless). Our source also claims Brewer will be joining the current Faceless tour “in a week.”

2) Heavy Blog is Heavy picked up on a post in the Technical Death Metal Subreddit from 12 days ago that claims The Faceless are going to be breaking up for the good in the not-too-distant future:

Hey guys, I have a few friends in the music business.. and some ”little more than rumors” have popped up about The Faceless breaking up soon. Just be prepared. I don’t know if they are 100% true or just B.S., but if they are touring near you SEE THEM NOW. It may be your last chance. I’ve heard a lot of them, some from some people who have toured/are touring with them.

I’m less inclined to believe the latter than I am the former, since a) we don’t know who the source of the latter rumor is, b) Reddit isn’t always the most reliable place for factual information anyway, and c) “The Faceless” is basically just Michael Keene plus whoever he can get to play live, so what would be the point of “breaking up” the band unless Keene has simply decided he’s over it? That said, the timing of the Reddit post together with the Evan Brewer’s absence from the tour certainly is conspicuous. Perhaps Keene really is over it.

In any case it appears that, for now, Brewer is still a member of The Faceless, which is certainly fantastic news because he rules. But who could blame us for thinking otherwise given The Faceless’ constantly rotating cast of members and the way they handled the departure of drummer Lyle Cooper? Furthermore, The Faceless are still together as of right this second so let’s not get all worked up about a pending break up just yet.

Once again, I feel obliged to remind everyone: this is all conjecture!

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