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New Alter Bridge Album Fortress: U Jam? #hardrock


Alter Bridge - Fortress

That Mark Tremonti is a far more talented guitarist than his work in Creed let on is by now common knowledge. Without the painful yarls of Christ worshipper Scott Stapp holding him back and without crossover radio expectations tamping down his more aggressive side, Tremonti’s been cranking out more-than-serviceable hard rock jams for almost a decade now over the course of four albums.

Alter Bridge music isn’t just good given the fact that three dudes who used to be in Creed wrote something that doesn’t completely blow chunks… it’s just good, period. Everything the band’s released has been expertly crafted, smart, hooky hard rock with a heavier edge than you’d expect, and the guy they got to sing on top of it — Myles Kennedy (who also sings in Slash’s band) — is as good a vocalist is there is on all of rock radio today.

Alter Bridge were likable from the get-go, but new album Fortress might be their most consistent, best effort yet. I say this having only gotten through about half the album in the time it’s taken me to write this post, but I’m digging it. Sometimes #hardrock like this is a nice break from all the Br00tal-O’s we normally eat for breakfast every day. And, for what it’s worth, there is some seriously good metal riffing here courtesy Tremonti. Give it a shot below via Loudwire and order it here.

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