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Live in Ontario? Looking for a Home? Call Kittie Drummer Mercedes Lander!


Shocking, heart-breaking news, everyone: being the drummer in Kittie for seventeen years will not make you rich. Hard to believe, I know. Times are tough all over.

But fret not for the members of everyone’s favorite Canadian all-female quartet — or, at least, not for drummer/founding member Mercedes Lander. Taking a cue from Ronnie DeVoe of New Edition/Bell Biv DeVoe fame (yeah, I went there), Ms. Lander is now selling real estate for Envelope Real Estate Brokerage, Inc.

Which, no joke, is a swell job. I mean, assuming she’s more skilled at selling real estate than she is at making metal that shitheads like me won’t make fun of, she probably made more money while I was typing this than most people will all year.

Perhaps most importantly, Landers’ success is a terrific lesson in what a friend once called “upward mobility.” Which is to say, sure, she’s got ink and piercings and shit…


…but she cleans up real nice, too:

Mercedes Lander Real Estate Photo

And that, friends, is reason #682,395,402 why you never burn an inverted crucifix into your forehead.

Glen Benton Real Estate Broker Card

[via Metal Injection]

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