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If Jeopardy Contestants are So Smart, How Come They’ve Never Heard of Mötley Crüe???

  • Axl Rosenberg

Jeopardy Nikki SixxBring Back Glam! reports that the below was a trivia question (or answer, I guess) on Jeopardy last night…

Motley Crue Jeopardy

…and even though the category was “band names,” none of the contestants knew the answer (or the question, I guess). Which is a little odd, but I blame the phrasing the question. I mean, let’s be real — the only band member whose last name wasn’t included is the group’s most famous member. I’m sure if the question had been “You’ve jerked off to a video of my elephantine penis pleasuring Pamela Anderson on a boat,” every buzzer would have gone off at once, right?

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