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Audiohammer Studios’ Eyal Levi Returns to creativeLIVE for “Digital Drums with EZDrummer” Follow-Up Course

  • Axl Rosenberg

Jumping Darkness Parade / Eyal LeviAre you guys hip to creativeLIVE yet? It’s this really cool website where smart people come and teach live, incredibly in-depth (like, many, many hours long, at minimum) courses on their particular area of expertise. These courses feature a live in-studio audience, but they’re also broadcast over the site… and it’s free to stream them. (They can later be downloaded, and thus endlessly re-watched and referenced, for a fee.)

I first became familiar with creativeLIVE last month when Audiohammer Studios producer and MetalSucks columnist Eyal Levi (who has almost certainly worked on at least one album you own) taught a course entitled “Digital Drums with EZDrummer.” I’ll give you one guess as the subject of the course.

If you missed that course, it can be purchased here (but maybe don’t buy it just yet because I’m going to tell you how to get it for free in just a few paragraphs!). Below is a promo video which is a little cheesy the way all promo videos are a little cheesy, but hopefully the message — “THERE IS GREAT INFORMATION FOR PRODUCERS, ENGINEERS, AND MUSICIANS IN THIS VIDEO!!!” — comes through:

Eyal’s course was apparently a big hit, which is not at all surprising given his credentials. And some students, it turns out, wanted Eyal to teach them even more about EZDrummer. Thus, Eyal will return to creativeLive this Friday, October 11,  at 9pm EDT to teach a two-and-a-half hour (!!!) follow-up class, which will be “focusing specifically on programming heavy metal beats,” according to a press release.

Says Eyal of the course:

“This is for those of you who wanted more specifics on metal beats during my creativeLIVE class. Or if you just want to rule at it period. We will cover everything from blastbeats to slow doom crushers.”

While this course does have an enrollment fee of forty dollars, it will be money well-spent: the class includes a running Q&A throughout the class, and anyone who signs up will receive Eyal’s original, seven-hour (!!!!!) course for free.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what an incredible resource this is for anyone who is interested in music production or being in a band. Get additional info and sign up for the course here.

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