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Listen: The Body, Our ‘Redeemers’


The Body Christs, Redeemers

You’re a modern person, all mobile phone in one hand and laptop in the other, forever multi-tasking in a life that would flummox your ancestors. As such, it’s rare that your attention is devoted to a single thing. There’s too much to be done and immediate ways to do it; our work brains no longer shut down after dinner on the logic that, hey, that’s all we can do til tomorrow. Nope. We can do it now. Click swipe tap.

So only seldomly do you stop and focus for more than a moment. It takes something special to satisfy you like continuous accomplishment can. Maybe it’s that superhot Spanish-language soaper Marido En Aquiler, or a fine taco at sunset. Could be your brah’s jacuzzi and a few blondes in it. Or maybe what makes you stare relaxedly into space is the first few jamz on the upcoming album by The Body. It’s called Christs, Redeemers and for a break from all the chattering, stream it at fancy Pitchfork.

Pre-order Christs, Redeemers here.

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