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The New Drummer Of Protest The Hero Is …

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PTH new drummer

That guy Chris Adler of Lamb Of God has the right idea: He’s a reliable drummer (a rare breed that’s always in demand) so when not Lambing Of God, he takes fun recording gigs on awesome records. He pitched in on Testament’s The Dark Roots Of Earth, then traversed the spectrums of status and style to bang out the upcoming Protest The Hero record, Volition. Nice!

And now PTH announces their new permanent drum guy: Mike Ieradi. Wow I bet he’s good — the word “rad” is right there in his name! Comments the band on their search [all sic]:

We realized it was going to be impossible to select a drummer based on a YouTube video. We needed someone who we knew. Someone who we thought we wouldn’t murder and leave at the side of the road two weeks into tour. We think we have found that person in Mike Ieradi – a Canadian fella we met many moons ago.

[On the upcoming PTF tour, Ieradi] will be opening with his band The Kindred and then wrap the night up playing with us. Despite pulling double duty on this tour, he IS the newest member of PTH and will hopefully be with us until we hang up the old jazz picks. No pressure Mike!

In Ieradi’s comments, he too calls himself a “full blown member” of PTH, so I guess their next album will not feature guest drums from Adler. Sooo Adler’s schedule now allows him to board me and Axl Rosenberg’s cereal-themed reggae project?

Pre-order Volition (out Oct 29) here. Jam “Clarity” here. View PTH tourdates here.

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