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This Week In Trippy & Cool: Deep Swell, Death Hawks


Deep Swell, Death Hawks 2

Deep Swell shares a member with Clutch, which means that you might expect totally awesome songcraft on their debut album (out Tuesday). But you probably couldn’t know that among the Deep Swell ranks is a black-belt singer. A fearless super-voice, Briena Pearl’s doesn’t sound unsure amid her backers’ prominent melodies. That’s quite a feat for a pro — in her place I’d consult Alex Lifeson and Torche — and massively impressive for a newcomer. Not to mention their lyrics are incredible! Three jamz stream here; crank the dubby “You’re Not Sleeping” below.

Death Hawks is an accidental band. Initially assembled as a studio band for their singer, the psyche rock adventurers must’ve quickly felt the buzz of good chemistry; they became a legit band and their debut arrived two years later. On Tuesday, they unveil their spellbinding self-titled sophomore album in the US. It’s pretty rad, gently intense, and super-addictive — so maybe procure some mushrooms now before your buds hear Death Hawks and proceed to buy up the local supply.

Pre-order Deep Swell’s Lore Of The Angler here, and Death Hawks’ self-titled sophomore album here

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