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Agrimonia Tour! Agrimonia Tour! Agrimonia Tour!

  • Anso DF

Agrimonia At Burro Ryado, Ti

When it comes to awesome super-underground bands, a listener is often happy enough just to have discovered them at all. We’ll settle for just cranking their killer little record, gabbing about it to our buds, and supporting its creators by ordering some merch. Especially those tiny bands headquartered in faraway places.

That’s why our brain bananas burst at Wednesday’s announcement of a juicy US tour for one of our best-loved tiny, super-underground, faraway bands: Agrimonia. Yep, we’ll get to see them in concert next month, how very excellent! Back in June, our Grim Kim Kelly listed their awesome record Rites Of Separation as a likely candidate for year’s-best honors; a week later, I chimed in with a reminder to heed Kelly on this issue and be blown away by this crust-doom quartet from Sweden. Still, maybe you’ve lost Rites in your file bulging with weirdly-named discovery artists; or maybe you’re like us, all listening to this new classic every week and totally ready to rage when Agrimonia plays your town! Yay!

Get Agrimonia tour dates here. Aim for one of the shows with Enabler!

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