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Countdown to the Fourth Annual MetalSucks/Metal Injection CMJ Showcase: Stomach Earth


Countdown to the Fourth Annual MetalSucks/Metal Injection CMJ Showcase: Stomach EarthThe Fourth Annual MetalSucks/Metal Injection CMJ Showcase is THIS FRIDAY at The Acheron in Brooklyn! And if any of our past CMJ shows are any indication, it’s going to be the party of the goddamn year! Tickets are on sale now for just ten bucks, and the show will feature headliners Fuck the Facts along with Fit For An AutopsyMeek is MurderHivesmasher, and, playing live FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, Stomach Earth, the new doom metal project from The Red Chord guitarist Mike “Gunface” McKenzie.


The prospect of being present for Stomach Earth’s first-ever performance really should be enough to get your ass in the door; the project’s self-titled debut is easily one of the best doom releases of 2013, an album guaranteed to fuck your face off (albeit slowly). When we streamed the album this summer, we described it as

“…the sound of dread, your worst nightmares in audio form. It is a creature of indescribably wretched and horrifying form that has you helplessly cornered, lumbering slowly towards you, hovering above you, thick gobs of drool dripping slowly from its massive jaws full of endless rows of sharp teeth, before, finally, it consumes you alive, slowly digests you, and shits you out. Weep and beg for mercy all you want. There shall be none.”

Which, it should go without saying, is high praise. But Stomach Earth in concert promises to be even that much more special! Whereas it was a one-man deal in the studio, for this live performance McKenzie has lined up a cadre of insanely talented musicians, including Job for a Cowboy guitarist (and MetalSucks columnist) Tony Sannicandro, Hivesmasher drummer Tim Brault, and bassist Greg Weeks, his bandmate from The Red Chord. Our prediction: this show is gonna be unfuckwithable!

You can stream Stomach Earth’s self-titled debut below, and buy tickets now to see them  perform live TONIGHT!!! See ya there!

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