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Varg Vikernes Trial Scheduled for Next Summer


Varg Vikernes Gun

Varg Vikernes, a man who wears a Cum Catcher like no other, was recently charged by the French government with inciting racial hatred and exalting war crimes on the Internet. And although it wasn’t reported at the time, Vikernes was apparently going to face trial on Thursday — like, this Thursday, October 24. Wow. I guess the French spend even less time preparing for trials than they did fighting the Nazis.

ANYWAY, yeah that’s not gonna happen: the BBC reports that the trial has now been postponed until June 2014, because Vikernes’ “lawyer requested more time to read documents and prepare his defence.”

Wait wait wait, you mean to tell me that this attorney couldn’t get his shit together in just one week? WHAT A LOSER!!! Why would Vikernes hire this clown??? I guess, in the Burzumator’s defense, it’s probably really hard to find a good lawyer when you’ve alienated all the Jews. Actually, come to think of it, that probably means that Vikernes doesn’t have an accountant, either. I wonder if the French government has also attempted to charge him with tax evasion, too?

Thanks: Burzam!

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