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Lord Mantis Slates “Darker” New Album For Spring LOL

New guitarist is second from left
New guitarist is second from left, a fellow member of the Chicago Beard Association

The members of Lord Mantis knew how fans would react to promises of a “darker” follow-up to last year’s awesome Pervertor: skepticism and laughs. It’s a novel idea, this plan of theirs, to not only match but surpass that year’s-best album‘s powers of displeasure, discomfort, and disassociation. It’s like, Lord Mantis is a depraved sadist who forced us at gunpoint to slam a bottle of bad vodka, and then emails us a year later with plans to force us to chug a “bigger” bottle of “worse” vodka in a few months. Our first thought must be, Um no. That shan’t happen, friend.

But again, Lord Mantis has anticipated that reaction, for while announcing a start of studio sessions for the new set, they were sure to explain:

This record is more serious and darker than our other stuff. We have all been through a lot of really fucked-up shit in recent years, and that’s all showing through in these sessions. We left behind anything slightly sci-fi, nightmarish or casually antagonistic, musically and visually; this time it’s all brutally realistic and ultimately much, much darker.

Ah yes now that makes sense: Lord Mantis is departing filth and expressionism for the real horrors of our physical world. Pervertor was like that movie Possession — a man returns from abroad to discover his wife has been ravished by a hideous monster — while the untitled 2014 album, with a new guitarist, will be like Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors, a Carpathian nightmare tale of a man in remote Ukraine whose true love is the daughter of his father’s killer. She dies while he’s away, and well, then things take a real turn for the worse. Anyway the record is slated for a Spring release on fancy Profound Lore. Can’t wait!

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