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Prosthetic Records Enters the Tempel

  • Axl Rosenberg

Tempel Band Photo

Arizona’s Tempel is Prosthetic Records’ latest signing, and while as of this writing I’ve heard only one track from the instrumental duo (that would be “Mountain,” which you can stream below), so far I’m on board.

Tempel don’t seem to be instrumental in the “only dorky musicians will be appreciate their music” kinda way; although they don’t particularly sound like two of my other favorite instrumental acts, Russian Circles and This Will Destroy You, they do belong in that category of “writing a film score for a film that doesn’t exist”-type instrumental bands. “Mountain” is predatory but also a little sad; it’s not difficult to imagine it running through Grendel’s head as he ravages Herot, taking violent revenge against the community that both created him and denied him.

This is good stuff.

Check out “Mountain” below. It will appear on the band’s self-self-recorded debut album, On the Steps of the Temple, which Prosthetic will release on January 21. You can pre-order the CD here or the limited edition LP (250 pressings only) here. You can also pre-order a digital copy via Bandcamp, which comes with an immediate download of “Moutain.”

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