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Members of Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, Other Terrible Bands Working on Rap Metal Mixtape

  • Axl Rosenberg

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Hope you’re not having a good day, ’cause I’m about to deliver some news which will surely ruin it.

This is a real quote a recent interview with Falling in Reverse’s vocalist, Ronnie Radke:

“Well, I’m doing a mix tape right now with everybody on the scene that’s doing well. Danny [Worsnop] fromAsking Alexandria, Andy [Biersack] from Black Veil Brides is singing on it. It’s all rap, but they’re singing all the choruses on it. There’s Jacoby [Shaddix] from Papa Roach. There’s Deuce, and we’ve got Craig Mabbitt [from Escape the Fate] singing on it. There’s more too, but every track is going to be someone.”

There’s MORE??? How many living, breathing arguments for the outlawing of music altogether can you fit onto one mix tape? Has anyone done some research to make sure that playing this thing won’t initiate the End of Days? Much like the Ark of the Covenant, I think this thing should be seized by the government and buried in a massive warehouse somewhere it will never be found. Then we should nuke that warehouse from space. It’s the only way to be sure!

Uh… thanks… I guess?… to Ameen for the “tip.” I guess in all fairness, now that I know this coming, I have time to start building a bomb shelter.

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