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Animals as Leaders are in the Studio!


Animals as Leaders studio - Matt Garstka

MetalSucks Super Informant Stephen P. picked up on the following bit of very good news over the weekend: Animals as Leaders are in the studio!

The news comes from the Facebook page of Periphery bassist Adam “Nolly” Getgood, who is apparently on the other side of the board on this project. It shouldn’t be too surprising that a member of Periphery is involved seeing as 1) Misha Mansoor collaborated with Tosin Abasi on AAL’s debut, before Abasi even had a band, and 2) late in 2012 Mansoor revealed he’d be producing the next AAL album and that collaborative writing sessions were already underway. So perhaps Misha tapped his bandmate to help out with the technical side of things? That’d certainly make sense.

The Facebook post came with the above photo and the following caption:

Matthew Garstka is killing the Animals As Leaders drum sessions. Hardest hitter I’ve recorded for sure.

This will be the first AAL album with Garstka on drums, by the way; Mansoor programmed all the drums on the self-titled debut, Navene Koperweis played on Weightless, and now it’s Garstka’s turn. He’s been touring with the band since 2012 and is all sorts of talented.

A lot of fans, including this one, are hoping Misha Mansoor’s involvement will bring back that special sauce from AAL’s debut that Weightless lacked. The latter was good, mind you, but it wasn’t GREAT the way the debut was. Sometimes an extra set of ears is necessary, especially a set as good as writing songs as Mansoor’s. Presumably we’ll find out in early 2014! Get excitebike.

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