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Eat the Turnbuckle: Prowrestlingcore


Given how frequently both MetalSucks and (evenmoreso) Metal Injection have discussed pro wrestling on our respective sites, the fact that no one brought Philadelphia’s Eat the Turnbuckle to our attention before today is kind of amazing. This self-proclaimed “death match wrestling rock n’ roll” band’s entire schtick is… well, I mean, you see what they’re called. You get it. They even sample Ric Flair and beat the shit out of each on-stage!

It’s a great idea, and the mere fact that such a handsome and stylish group of young men are doing is applause-worthy. Alas, I find the execution to be lacking; unfortunately, just because you’re a “joke band” doesn’t mean you don’t also have to be good, and Eat the Turnbuckle, alas, are not very good. As a result, the joke gets old fairly fast.

You are, of course, free to disagree with me. Mike, the reader who e-mailed us about the band, is certainly way into them. Watch these videos and decide for yourself, won’t you?

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