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Stray from the Path Rage Against Being Compared to Rage Against the Machine


stray from the machine logoNo matter how much one admires his heroes, ultimately, one wants to be his own man. Consequently, being compared to those heroes can be, well, frustrating. I mean just last night I was like, “GodDAMNit, I wish women would stop comparing me to John Holmes!” It gets crazy tiring after awhile.

So I completely sympathize with Stray from the Path, who sent out these tweets over the weekend:

They make a more-than-fair point about songs like “Slice of Life,” “False Flag” and “Mad Girl,” which most certainly do not sound like RATM. That being said, there’s more to the comparison than a mere “twenty seconds of one Stray song” — I mean, not only has the band covered “Vietnow,” but, as Vince put it, their most recent offering, Anonymous, has “Morello-isms and de la Rocha-isms all over the place,” and they have at least two (one, two) entire songs which sound EXACTLY like Rage. So, yes, perhaps everyone should cut Stray from the Path some slack. But maybe Stray from the Path could also meet fans halfway and either stop writing songs that sound so similar to Rage or just, like, don’t complain when people point out the similarities. Just sayin’.

[via The PRP]

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