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Intervals Rekindle Our Love of The Human Abstract



Initially I was hesitant to give Intervals the time of day because, ya know, instrumental djent, it’s 2014 and enough already. But then they went and not only added a vocalist, but they chose the very talented Mike Semesky — formerly of The HAARP Machine — who first caught our attention exactly one year ago with a killer vocal cover of The Scorpions’ “No One Like You.” And not just that, but they, like, got a lot better and stuff, making me eat my words on the aforementioned dj- classification. This is just straight up good metal that isn’t easily classifiable, although I suspect some portion of you will probably be turned off by the fact that there are clean vocals here (actually it’s all clean vocals).

Side note: do bands who have all clean vocals and no screaming at all get a pass? In other words, is it simply the good cop / bad cop thing that makes some metal so fucking cheesy? Or is modern metal with any clean singing at all still a problem for some folks?

When I heard Intervals’ new album A Voice Within in full I felt as if I was listening to The Human Abstract reincarnate. If you think that’s some lofty praise, yup, you’re right; the album really struck a chord with me. New song “Ephemeral” doesn’t really justify the THA reference, but just trust me on this one. Check it out below:

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