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New Pig Destroyer Album in 2014?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Mind Blown Pig DestroyerPig Destroyer have never taken less than three years in-between studio albums. So the mere concept of these gods of grind releasing a new record later this year, when they just put out the masterpiece Book Burner in late 2012, is sexually arousing, to put it mildly.

But it seems as though that might be the case! I still haven’t gotten my copy of the February 2014 issue of Decibel in the mail yet, but Heavy Blog is Heavy reports that the mag features this ad from Relapse Records, which includes a new PxDx album this year (among a ton of other new albums by other noteworthy bands):

relapse magazine 2014 ad

In fact, the HBiH article goes so far as to claim that a source has told them “the record is indeed real and it has already been recorded.” Which would be amazing…

…but, alas, is apparently not true. While a rep for Relapse confirmed to MetalSucks that the band has tentative plans to release a new album later this year (their first with recently added bassist John Jarvis), “it’s definitely not recorded” yet. In other words: we may get a new Pig Destroyer album in 2014, and we may not. As HBiH notes, “2013 was supposed to see a remixed and remastered Prowler in the Yard vinyl release that didn’t happen.” And while Hull’s other amazing grind project, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, are also supposed to be working on multiple new albums, that news came just about a year ago and those albums still haven’t been released. I guess what I’m saying is: good things are worth waiting for, and I think everyone should just keep it in their pants until there’s an official release date announcement.

So while we wait, let’s all enjoy “The Octogonal Stairway,” the free new song PxDx released in 2013, shall we? A little Pig Destroyer goes a long way…

Pig Destroyer and Dysrhythmia play  St. Vitus Bar in Brooklyn this Saturday, January 11. Tickets are only three bucks with RSVP!!!

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