Jumping Darkness Parade

Jumping Darkness Pollade: Real Drummers Vs. Superior Drummer


Jumping Darkness Parade / Eyal Levi

I have always thought that the best case scenario is to record an amazing drummer in an amazing room. Can’t beat that. But what happens when your drummer sounds like a pair of shoes in the dryer, or has unrepairable popcorn feet? Do you tough it out, or reach for Superior Drummer ? If it’s up to me, while I would always pick a great drummer first, I would pick excellently-programmed virtual drums over a shitty drummer. What about you guys?

Eyal will be teaching an Advanced Drum Production course on creativeLIVE from January 16-18. Joining him will be legendary drummer Sean Reinert of Cynic and Death fame. The course is COMPLETELY FREE to watch live. Get more details here.

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