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Saturday To Axl Around To



This is quite an Axl-centric week I’m having.

Last Saturday I caught the all-chick tribute band Guns N’ Hoses, who despite the clever-ish gimmick were mostly meh — their “Axl” didn’t rock that hard, their “Slash” struggled through several solos, the band erroneously advertised the show as “performing ‘Appetite For Destruction’ in its entirety” only to mix up the order of the songs (big no-no), and for fuck’s sake nobody even blew the iconic whistle in “Paradise City” (!)…..this band is pretty disappointing if you’re a purist on any level.

Conversely, the all-female (or at least I was told that the mannish guitarist was a girl) Motley Crue tribute band Girls Girls Girls that headlined the show was freakin’ awesome, especially the unstoppable baddass singer (but the guitarist and drummer were both great as well).  And The Discosticks — all dudes covering chick songs, with our longtime brother Metal Mykee on the geetar — totally rocked as the show opener.

Then on Monday, writer Kevin “Skwerl” Cogill dropped the complete story of how his leaking Chinese Democracy in 2008 led to the FBI/RIAA/GnR camp pursuing a case against him for years which cost many dollars in legal fees. It’s a lengthy read but a fascinating cautionary tale on why you shouldn’t brazenly fuck with the government and/or egotistical rock stars that have bottomless pockets. I don’t wish that kind of stress and hardship on any music journalist, but c’mon, what did he really expect would happen? The irony is that the whole debacle seems to have worked out the best for Axl Rose himself, who subsequently sold the album distribution rights exclusively to Best Buy for a whopping sum (that BB barely made back half of), based almost entirely off the hype of said leak. Sheesh!

Which brings us to today, our very own Axl Rosenberg’s birthday!!!!!!!!!! Axl, you are neither a gentleman nor a scholar, but you are certainly a fine fellow full of entertaining wit and ganja resin, and it is my pleasure to publicly wish you the best/encourage all of our readers to send personalized greetings on the man’s facebook page. Give that sexy curmudgeon what for! The only dude among us who hates celebrating birthdays/holidays more is our own Vince Neilstein, whose own birthday ironically falls on Valentine’s Day.

In honor of Doctor Rosenberg’s bitchy namesake, I am including youtube links to all the seminal Guns N’ Roses albums below, FREE OF CHARGE. Sue me! :D

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