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BREAKING: Black Label Society’s Zakk Wylde Releases New Song with No Guitar Squeals


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So there I was, listening to the new Black Label Society single, “My Dying Time,” snapping my fingers and tapping my toes and li-di-da, and then I got to the end of the song and something just felt, I dunno… off.

So I listened to the song again, and all of a sudden, in the middle of the first chorus, it hit me: THERE ISN’T A GODDAMN GUITAR SQUEAL IN THE WHOLE SONG. Okay, so there’s a kinda semi-squeal or two in the guitar solo, but even then, it’s not nearly as dramatic as the pinch harmonics we’re accustomed to when listening to Mr. Wylde’s work. This is a radical and daring shift in Wylde’s artistic identity, and he should be commended for taking such a massive risk. We can only hope that other notable guitarists take note and follow Zakk’s example. Think about it: Munky and Head could start using six-string guitars! Kirk Hammett could throw away his wah pedal! Kerry King could start stringing the notes in his solos together into something intelligible! C.C. DEVILLE COULD CUT OFF ALL OF HIS OWN FINGERS!!! Zakk Wylde may have just started an entire metal revolution!!!!!

“My Dying Time” will appear on Black Label Society’s Catacombs Of The Black Vatican, which comes out April 8 on eOne. Here’s the album art, if you’re interested:

Black Label Society - Catacombs of the Black Vatican


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