Tomorrow, MetalSucks Gets Grim… Again!


Tomorrow, MetalSucks Gets Grim… Again!

Last year, we celebrated the unholy, cursed birth of Grim Kim by vacating The MetalSucks Mansion for the day and letting G.K. herself run the site. And, hey, guess what? We’re doing it again this year!

Yes, it’s true: tomorrow, Kim commemorates another year above ground by running MS for the day, presumably eschewing coverage of bands like Metallica and Gojira in favor of bands like Jöxzyrrüx and Sloth Fellater. It’s gonna be super educational!

(Don’t worry, though — we’re still gonna run our weekly “Shit That Comes Out Today” column, lest you continue your week unaware of what shit came out.)

Kim chills our hearts down to their very ventricles, and we just know she’s gonna scare the unholy crap out of you, too. Enjoy! The rest of us will return on Wednesday to continue our usual coverage of shitty mainstream bands.

-Axl & Vince

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