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Decibel Snags First Interview with At the Gates About Their New Album, At War with Reality

  • Axl Rosenberg

At the Gates Should Make a Reunion AlbumUnless you’ve been living under Dino Cazares, you already know that the super-mega-huge news this is week is that At the Gates are recording a new album, entitled At War with Reality, which will tentatively be released in October or November via Century Media.

Now our pals over at Decibel have landed the first interview with AtG vocalist Tomas Lindberg since the big announcement. Needless to say, it’s chockfull of good info. Here’s an excerpt:

Most people might be expecting the new material to be in the vein of Slaughter of the Soul, but are there any plans to showcase the more angular and progressive influences of the first ATG EP, Gardens of Grief, and first two studio albums as well?

As I said we have gone beyond the idea of making “Slaughter of the Soul Pt. 2,” which was actually never the idea to start with. This is an album that is so full on conceptually and creatively, so involved and ambitious that I am almost compelled to call it pretentious. And that brings me back to the feeling that was with us when we were creating With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness. I’m not saying that this album sounds like that album, but it has that burning urge, the sense of importance that album is trying to portray. As I have always stated, we are an honest band, a band that is very focused on being true to ourselves and never follow any trends or try to portray a given perception of what people want us to be. What we decided on was really to let the music take us where it had to go, to go “all in” so to say. To answer your question, the record will be filled with a lot of the Slayer worship and riffage that is Slaughter of the Soul, but people will also recognize the more dark, melodic side that was With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness, and maybe some of the more pretentious arrangements that was part of our early career.

I can’t believe we don’t get to hear this thing until almost the end of the year. The wait is going to be UNBEARABLE.

Head over to Decibel to read the full interview, which also includes details on why the band decided to make a new record in the first place, how many songs they currently have written, their creative process, and how At War with Reality might stack up against that other giant death metal comeback album everyone has been talking about, Carcass’ Surgical Steel.

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