The Haunted: Dolving or Aro? Discuss.


The Haunted - Eye of the Storm

Whenever we used to post about The Haunted here years ago we’d get tons of comments about how people hated Peter Dolving, how Marco Aro was the one “true” Haunted vocalist. Now that Dolving’s out (again) and Aro is back in, the single most upvoted comment in our post about The Haunted’s new single “Eye of the Storm” is this: “I prefer Peter Dolving to be honest, there’s has such a psycho vibe in his vocals.” The grass is always greener, I guess.

I loved Dolving — for his longwinded and controversial but intelligent Internet ramblings as much as his “psycho” vocal delivery — but I think Aro’s doing a pretty good job on the new stuff too. For me it’s more about the vibe of what the rest of the band is doing anyway; if it sounds like The Haunted, that’s good enough. And the new stuff definitely sounds like The Haunted. I’ll bet the other guys in the band are grateful that Dolving isn’t distracting from the main plot with his contentious blog posts, but then again those posts always kept The Haunted in the public eye, even off-cycle. And they were hella entertaining!

Three-song single Eye of the Storm has been out since January 21st, but the band’s just released a new video for the 58-second track “My Enemy,” giving would-be purchasers a taste of 2/3rds of the album/single. Check it out below and then discuss your thoughts on Dolving vs. Aro in the comments.

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