Periphery, Dark Horse Comics and The Last of Us Contest Winners Announced


The Last of Us / Periphery Contest

In December we launched a contest that united three seemingly disparate but ultimately similar interests: metal, comic books and video games. We offered three entrants the opportunity to win a prize pack containing a copy of Periphery’s new release Clear, a copy of The Last Of Us for PS3, and volume #1 of The Last Of Us: American Dreams, a comic put out by Dark Horse Comics that’s an exclusive prequel to the video game.

We asked entrants to tell us why, in their opinions, video games, comics and metal go so well together. We’ve chosen our favorites, and here they are. Thanks to all who entered!

  • Branson Taylor: “If everything was metal. Like metal video games and metal comics. Who would hate that? Come on? No one would. Therefore metal obviously makes everything better. Like a day at an opera with your grandmother. Can you imagine being a djentleman to your grandmother by showing her the beauty that Periphery is? In other words, I guess what I’m trying to say is that metal is the fuel that burns in gamers’ souls. (This expression also applies to comic book readers.)”
  • Lorenzo Quintana: “Because they all distract me from the fact that I can’t get laid.”
  • Jeremy Meyers: “They don’t need friends to enjoy :( “
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