Have a Snow Day with Sonata Arctica


Sonata Arctica’s very name suggests cold weather, but just to be extra sure everyone currently “enjoying” eighty-seven feet of snow thinks of them, the band has chosen today to unveil their wintery new video, “The Wolves Die Young.”

Assuming you can get through the whole thing, of course. I got as far as the first line of lyrics — “Weather’s getting colder/Winter claims the land!” — when I started laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes and I could barely breathe. Then I backed up the video and tried again, but, nope, couldn’t stop laughing at that line. I’m almost positive those are the same lyrics Vince and I came up with when our third grade music teacher made us write a song about this season. Combine the clunkiness of those lyrics with the theater camp theatrics of vocalist Tony Kakko, and I just cannot take this shit seriously.

Still… it’s good to laugh!

“The Wolves Die Young” will appear on Sonata Arctica’s Pariah’s Child, which comes out March 28 on Nuclear Blast.

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