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Best Video Ever of the Day: Geoff Tate Covers “Lola” Wearing a Wig


Geoff Tate Vaudeville

Something or other is probably happening today in the ongoing court battle over the rights to the name Queensryche. But who could keep track anymore? Just wake me up when there’s a final verdict so we can all go back to not caring about Queensryche anymore, even if the Tate-less version of the band did release a semi-decent album last year.

Meanwhile Tate is gearing up a for a three-night May run of a show he’s putting on in Seattle called Rock and Vaudeville featuring Geoff Tate of Queensryche which he describes as, “the history of rock, Vaudeville-style.” The show features Tate performing “iconic rock songs from the 1950’s to today, along with burlesque and go-go dancers, aerialists and other circus performers.” Uh, wow, OK! Because if there’s anything the world really needs right now it’s famed sommelier Geoff Tate crooning his way through a Beatles tune.

As artists who are promoting new ventures are wont to do, Tate recently appeared on a morning television show to perform a track from Rock and Vaudeville, The Kinks’ “Lola.” Wearing a wig. Which, we’re guessing, he wears in the show too.

And then I found twenty bucks.

If you see an error message appearing across the video, ignore it: just press the play button and it works.

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