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Sonata Arctica’s “Cloud Factory”: Funniest Lyrics Ever?


You thought the lyrics to Sonata Arctica’s “The Wolves Die Young” were hilarious? P’shaw! They ain’t got nothing on the sheer fucking poetry that is the band’s new single, “Cloud Factory.” I could choose any two or three lines by way of example, but here’s the lyric that made my morning coffee come out my nose: “There is a factory clouds are made in/ They make ’em big and blue.”

Wow. Is that metal or what?!?!

In all fairness, the song is about stories adults make up to get their kids to stop asking the big existential questions none of us really know the answer to (although I’m sure someone knows how fast clouds move — lying about that just seems like lazy parenting), so it kinda makes sense that the lyrics sound like they were written by Raffi. On the other hand, I would imagine that exactly .001% of all Sonata Arctica fans are children, so, y’know, they probably could have been a little more sophisticated with their words, no?

“Cloud Factory” will appear on Sonata Arctica’s Pariah’s Child, which comes out March 28 on Nuclear Blast.

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