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Paolo Gregoletto is Bored


paolo bored

Trivium go on tour next week — and not a moment too soon, apparently. Yesterday, bassist Paolo Gregoletto (and, to some extent, drummer Nick Augusto — I’m not clear how much he was involved, to be honest) posted not one, not two, but three metal parody tracks to his Soundcloud page, which leads me to believe that the poor guy doesn’t know what to do with his free time. I can relate.

The first two tracks — which also feature CJ Cussell* from Before the Mourning and Meridian Dawn and Jeff Stevenson from Before the Mourning  and Forty Winters — are for a project called Succulence, which, as the name might suggest, is a death metal outfit that sings about food. Funny enough, but the songs, “Bury the Steak” and “Rice and Cake,” are both superior to anything that was on Vengeance Falls. And possibly anything on In Waves. I guess what I’m saying is, I wish Trivium were still this heavy.

It’s the third track, however, that is the true masterpiece. Entitled “#GoodBoy,” it’s a DEAD ON satire of all the shitty scenecore bands currently plaguing the metal scene. It is not better than anything on Vengeance Falls  or In Waves, but it is better than anything we’ve heard from the new Emmure album. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.

*Cussell apparently did vocals on all three tracks.

[via The PRP]

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