I’m Starving! Anyone Wanna Go Grab a Slice of GWAR Pizza?


When I imagine Oderus Urungus eating a pizza, I imagine that pizza featuring such toppings as aborted fetuses, the remains of Jerry Falwell, and/or vaginas painfully torn from females of various species. But for most of us non-aliens, eating such things would be illegal (not to mention presumably unhealthy and probably not even delicious in the first place). But even if Oderus would never have allowed food types as dainty as broccoli and mushrooms to offend his delicate palate, the late, great Dave Brockie had an amazing sense of humor, and I have to imagine would really love this. From Metal Injection:

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn has released a special Oderus-themed menu. Items include a Gwarogi slice (featuring potato perogis, carmelized onions and a side of apple sauce), the Oderus UrFungus which is a mushroom slice and the Dave BrockieLi, which is a broccoli slice.”

And in case you think this is just a troll, here’s a photo of the current specials board at Vinnie’s:

gwar pizza

All I have to add in conclusion is this:

home drooling gwar shirt

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