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Is Emmure’s “A Gift A Curse” the Most Tolerable Song They’ve Ever Recorded?


Manure - Eternal Enemas

I sat down to listen to the latest song to be released from Emmure’s new album, Eternal Enemies, and at first I was like, “Eh, this is typical Emmure shittiness, I’m not even gonna write about this because there’s nothing I could say about it that I haven’t already said about every other Emmure song.”

And then the song came to this part:

And y’know what? Even I have to admit, this isn’t terrible. I mean, it’s certainly not amazing or even vaguely original, but if you heard Michael Amott playing that lick in a new Arch Enemy song, you wouldn’t turn it off, y’know what I mean? So that’s, like, twenty seconds of Emmure music I don’t loathe. MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN.

I also kinda like the ten or twelve seconds that follow the part above, although I admit it’s artistically brain dead. I’m a sucker for bands stopping for a beat and then starting again. I dunno why.

Here’s the whole song without my place holders, although I just played you all the decent parts, so I dunno why you’d feel the need to listen to the rest. Unless it’s for a laugh. Frankie’s spoken word section at the beginning is definitely good for a laugh.

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