Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Sunday To NOT Get Stoned To



I’ve been on a sober kick lately.

HominahominahominaWHA?!?!?!? you say?

The truth is, after puffing the hiley wiley so regularly for mucho many years (and imbibing copius amounts of whiskey and plenty more illicit substances), I’m thinking….


No, not Enuff Z’nuff (although c’mon, they rule)…..I have just come to a point where I’m not sure the juice is worth the squeeze anymore.

So I recently decided to challenge myself and keep the green out of my system for a while, and the biggest irony is that in my efforts to reconfigure my body chemistry I’ve actually felt way stonier lately than I did hitting the bat ten times a day!

And since I was sick at the time of this decision, I’ve also ended up cutting out alcohol for a while to protect my immune system…  So I guess you could say I’m currently embracing the straight-edge lifestyle…


Will I remain sober forever?  Absolutely not!  I appreciate blowing off steam and also respect substances as creative lubrication, if you will.  Just wanna keep it in check and save the party for the right times and places.

But overall I do hope to evolve into a cleaner way of life, at least the majority of the time (if I can hang with it).  And I hope you do too.

Cuz frankly dude, you’re a mess! ;)

So in honor of sobriety, let’s check out some seminal straight-edge bands from ‘merica and overseas…

Special thanks to Joshua Lozano (who plays in straight-edge hardcore band Passage, noise rock group Fashion Week, and is my bandmate in Family), Harrison Chiu (who is also in Passage), and my lovely lady for helping big-time with band suggestions for this post…

Metal Sucks Greatest Hits