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Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby will Play Saxophone on Devin Townsend’s Casualties of Cool


Casualties of Cool

Heavy Blog is Heavy should really just change its name to Devy Blog is Devy , ’cause it seems like every time Mr. Townsend so much as leaves his house they’re there to post about it like an intensely focused metal paparazzi. And for that we’re very grateful.

And so: Devy Blog is Devy is reporting that Shining lead sax-wielder Jørgen Munkeby will guest on a track called “Moon” on Devin Townsend’s upcoming country-inspired Casualties of Cool project. This after DBID successfully got both parties to confirm their suspicions via Twitter. Nice work, fellas!

So that sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun, yeah? Devin’s crowd-funding campaign for Casualties of Cool is currently at 450% of its goal (!) with 36 days still to go, but don’t worry: lest you think Devin would pocket all that extra money (we’d actually be OK with that), he’ll be using the extra cash to fund Ziltoid 2, also expected to be released this year. Huzzah!

Here’s the lone Casualties of Cool song released so far, “Forgive Me:”

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