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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: April 8, 2014



Do you know what I love about rain? The music which compliments it. God, my favorite jams for a rainy day (especially while driving) are Mastodon’s Remission and Vildhjarta’s Måsstaden. This week brings new rainy-day jams — in other genres, styles, and periods. Dance for April showers and rock out at the sexy links below!


Black Label Society - Catacombs of the Black VaticanBlack Label Society
Catacombs Of The Black Vatican (eOne)
On a playlist with: Ozzy Osbourne, Pride And Glory, Down
Listen “My Dying Time” (here)

I both love and hate that Black Label Society is so predictable. And I’m assuming most of that predictability rests on Zakk Wylde’s song writing and playing, which also is fine with me! No album they/he make may match up to Stronger Than Death though, but Catacombs comes closer than their last two albums, Order Of The Black and Shot To Hell, which felt rushed. So Catacombs feels better considered, but that doesn’t stop us from missing songs like this.


Ormblot (2011) CD (Forever Plagued)
On a playlist with: Emperor, Immortal, Satyricon
Listen Ormblot full stream (here)

The slow turning-on to black metal is a delicious process. Whenever you come across a band that shows another side of the genre, you get more attached. For Ormgard and Ormblot, it’s atmosphere — not just having creepy “oohhh-aahhhs” in the background, but the right amount of room delay, voice echo, and consistent double-bass. It feels evil without hailing too much praise, and it’s spacey enough to make for (relatively) easy listening.


Reflections (Transcend)
On a playlist with: Disfiguring The Goddess, The Faceless, Threat Signal
Listen selections from Reflections (here)

Say, do you want some delicious technical death metal at a slower tempo? Maybe not something you’d order, but I’m assuming you’d be intrigued to see it on the menu. And like wasabi meatballs, it works surprisingly well — simple drumming, medium-range riffage, and slams all make Ferium just different enough. Not to mention they’re from Israel, which is cool.


cholera plagiarised hopeCholera
Plagiarised Hope EP (Church Of Fuck/Holy Ground)
On a playlist with: Postmortem Promises, Misericordiam, Belay My Last
ListenPlagiarised Hope EP full stream (here)

There are only three types of extreme metal (okay, no there’s more, but entertain me): ultra heavy and ultra fiery. You can make thud/thud/thud kill riffs like The Acacia Strain, or you can burn and shred like Cholera: Tom-Araya-is-very-ill vocals, tons of weird tremolo picking, and doom-fuzz, and that’s about it — there isn’t much accessory to the Plagiarised Hope EP, but just spin “Anonymous” (track 3) and dig the outro. Wowzers.


Wisdom In Chains We Never SleepWisdom In Chains
We Never Sleep (Fast Break!)
On a playlist with: Hoods, Death Before Dishonor, Blood For Blood
Listen “When We Were Young” (here)

Every once in a while I run across a band who sounds just like they’d be on the soundtrack for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. Now, if you’ve never played THPS4, then obviously you wouldn’t know how solid the soundtrack is. So do some YouTube research or something, and get back to We Never Sleep. 


Neige Morte - Bicephaale copyNeige Morte
Bicephaale (Consouling Sounds)
On a playlist with: Krallice, Portal, Menace Ruine
Listen Bicephaale full stream (here

With so many excellent French metal bands pushing the limits we have on “progressive” and “post,” I’m not surprised that one comes along which is, well, isn’t so progressive or post. Or maybe it is? I don’t know, really, maybe I don’t get it, but Bicephaale sounds forced. Like they aimed for a specific sound and tried way too hard at every moment to achieve it.


Septuagint Negative Void TrinityOTHER SHIT THAT COMES OUT TODAY

Anette Olzon Shine (Armoury) listen listen
¤ Brutality Will Prevail Suspension Of Consciousness (Siege Of Amida) listen
Cormorant Earth Diver listen
Delain The Human Contradiction (Napalm) listen
Diabulus In Musica Argia (Napalm) listen
thou-the-bodyEdge Of Thorns Insomnia (Killer Metal) listen
Erebus Enthroned Temple Under Hell CD (Seance)
From Hell (SF) Ascent From Hell (Scourge) listen
For The Fallen Dreams Heavy Hearts (Rise) listen listen listen listen listen listen
Graves At Sea This Place Is Poison EP (Eolian Empire) listen
The Graviators Motherload (Napalm) listen
Invertia Another Scheme Of The Wicked (Ohm Resistance) listen
Tiger Flowers - Dead HymnsMagic Moments Don’t Fall For Me EP (Haus Ov Fuck) listen listen
» Septuagint Negative Void Trinity EP (Forever Plagued) listen listen
Skogen I Döden (Nordvis) listen
SnakeWay Year Of The Snake (Think Fast!) listen
» Thou & The Body Released From Love collaboration (Vinyl Rites) listen
» Tiger Flowers Dead Hymns (Melotov) listen read
Trollfest Kaptein Kaos (NoiseArt) listen listen


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