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Trap Them Trap You in their “Salted Crypt”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Trap Them - Blissfucker Small copy

People have been trying to convince me for years that Trap Them are the best thing to happen to metal since the invention of the electric guitar, and, honestly, I’ve never quite “gotten it.” Like, Decibel just premiered a new song from the band, “Salted Crypt,” and in the accompanying text, they praise Trap Them as “one of the greatest extreme music outfits of our time,” which is, like, HOLY SHIT, pretty much the biggest compliment ever. And yet, I approached “Crypt” somewhat cynically. No way it’s that good, right?

And while I’m still not convinced that Trap Them are “one of the greatest extreme music outfits of our time,” I will say this: I do LOVE this song, and think it’s really, really, really good, even if it doesn’t quite achieve the aforementioned level of “that good.” I dunno what’s changed between now and the release of Trap Them’s last album, 2011’s Darker Handcraft. Maybe I’m just somehow an even angrier person than I was then, and am therefore more susceptible to the charms of Trap Them’s vitriol; maybe another three years of drek like Attila, Emmure, and For Today being successful has opened my eyes; maybe it’s just the addition of drummer Brad Fickeisen (No Salvation, ex-The Red Chord). Who knows. Whatever the case, I am now 100% more excited to hear Trap Them’s new album, the delightfully-titled Blissfucker.

Stream “Salted Crypt” below. Blissfucker comes out June 10 on Prosthetic. Pre-orders are now available here.

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