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Here’s the Tracklist for Ziltoid 2



Track lists never get me excited; I simply do not understand getting excited about song titles. So despite the fact that I am very, very excited for Devin Townsend’s Ziltoid 2, which starts recording next month, the fact that Devy released the double album‘s track listing over the weekend doesn’t do much for me.

But I know some of you LOVE to read song titles, could read song titles all the live long day, and are so devoted to Devy — even more devoted than we are! — that news of even the slightest fart makes you rock hard. So this is for you. From Townsend’s Facebook page:

Yeeessssss! Z2 is starting to come together! The theme of the double album is Ziltoid versus the DTP, with both getting their own album. Here are the tentative song titles!


Ziltoidian Overture
From Sleep Awake
War Princess
March Of The Poozers
Silent Militia
Ziltoid Goes Home
Dimension Z


Warrior Way
Midnight Sun
Offer Your Light
Rain City
Farther On

Okay, I take back everything I just said. I am very excited that there’s a song called “March of the Poozers.” There really just aren’t enough tunes about poozers these days, y’know?

[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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