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Listen: Don’t Forsake The Oath


The Oath

It’s totally natural to get excited about the work of a sexy performer. Confusing a physical attraction for admiration, you might cheer for a hunky NBA player whose game is uninteresting or buy bad coffee at the cafe owned by two hot sisters. Don’t sweat it, completely normal.

Except in music. Unlike the above examples, there’s little benefit in deferring to your wang; when we press play, the hot and lame Fiona Apples and Halestorms don’t appear before our eyes, all foxed out for our spirited ogling. Sure, you could ogle them in concert, but that’s a tough ogle distance- and creepy-wise. (And even then, you need not prepare an “alibi” by getting their awful records in advance. Just go and ogle.)

The point is that the converse is true, too: If sexy musicians don’t get extra points, then neither should they receive extra demerits. Keep this in mind while cranking a debut album by The Oath (below, via A.V. Club) or you might miss out on a gem. Cuz it’s easy to give the treatment to very sexy musicians that you reserve for guys who want to sell you a watch on the sidewalk: an attempt to trick you out of some money and attention. The Oath isn’t scamola, the German-Swedish duo is more like an unlikely rescue from car trouble by two blank women on horseback: something your body knows to be true even if your mind can’t, an intensely gratifying trip with people who are sexy but aren’t “being sexy.” U jam?

The Oath’s debut came out Tuesday via Rise Above. 
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