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Premonitions of War Members Michael Gaytan and Danny Garcia Among Those Arrested for Firefest Fracas

  • Axl Rosenberg

Earlier today, Cleveland radio station WTAM 1100 published mug shots of many (if not all) of the men arrested for participating in Saturday’s massive fight at Firefest 2014, during which gunshots were fired (but no one was hit, luckily) and four people suffered (again, luckily) non-fatal stab wounds. I glanced at the mugshots, thought “Yup, those are some big, scary looking dudes I wouldn’t wanna fuck with alright!”, and decided not to write about ’em. The brawlers were all supposed to be members of two crews, SOSF (Swing On Sight Family) and FSU (Friends Stand United), so the mug shots weren’t especially interesting or anything — I mean, we’ve all seen mug shots, right?

But if only I had sharper eyes! Because Lambgoat noticed what I failed to — that two of the men arrested are members of hardcore outfit Premonition of War. Specifically, guitarist Michael Gaytan and bassist Danny Garcia:

Michael Gaytan
Michael Gaytan
Danny Garcia
Danny Garcia

Also arrested was Gaytan’s wife, Kelly, who holds the distinction of being the only woman taken into custody for participating in the fight:

Kelly Gaytan Mug Shot

Interestingly enough, although PoW are from Ohio, they were not a part of the Firefest line-up — in other words, Gaytan and Garcia were either at the event to see other bands and then got involved in the fight, or came to the venue specifically to participate in the fight.

Local police are currently working on prosecuting the various brawlers, but as of this writing, charges have not yet been handed down.

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