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Tombs Take You to the “Edge of Darkness”


Tombs - Savage Gold

I don’t know what it is about “Edge of Darkness,” the first single from Tombs’ forthcoming Savage Gold, but I’ve listened to the song three times now, and each time, I couldn’t help but picture some crazy dude holding two cats by their tails and swinging them around wildly in time with the song. Perhaps this is the dawn of a new era in silly descriptions of riffs? Move over marching elephants, here come swinging cats?

ANYWAY, I’m way into this song — it’s scorched dark-as-dirt black metal with just a hint of oh-fuck-someone-slipped-LSD-in-my-drink, a song that’s incredibly ugly and yet somehow meditative. Given the amount of critical acclaim Tombs have attracted over the years, I probably don’t have to do much to persuade you to give it a listen, but, y’know. GIVE IT A LISTEN, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Tombs’ Savage Gold comes out June 10 on Relapse.

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