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Enfold Darkness Announce Indiegogo Campaign, First New Album in Five Years

  • Dave Mustein


You guys remember Nashville’s Enfold Darkness, right? We’ve barely heard a peep from the black-tech face melters since 2012’s Slaughter Survivors Tour, the same year their sophomore LP was supposed to drop via Sumerian. But numerous lineup changes coupled with perfectionism forced the album’s delay. This is the first news in the Enfold camp since “Lairs of the Ascended Masters” and “Banishment,” the killer preproduction tracks the band dropped in 2012 and 2013, and it’s awesome to see them back. Guitarist Elijah Whitehead commented to MS:

“Slaughter Survivors – take it literally. It was a great experience overall but we came back with nothing to show for it. There goes your explanation for that lineup change.

“Honestly, that change needed to happen. We needed to stay at home and really focus on this record, and what we wanted for our future.

“A few months ago we sat down together and listened to everything we had been working on for the last three years and had almost 30 different tracks! So we have chosen the best ones and really polished them up.”

To finally realize the album, the band have asked fans for a mere pittance on Indiegogo: a mere $1,500 to help cover drum recording costs in preparation for the as-yet-untitled album’s release.They’ve also an 8-minute long teaser for the new album on Soundcloud, which sounds vicious. I especially like that triumphant melodic shred section at 1:30 – it’s so awesome to see technicality formed into such catchy, active ideas. Same goes for the spacey riffing that crops up around 4:30, which has an old-school meets new-school vibe and grooves like hell.

For their campaign, the perks include some cool items like exclusive posters and early versions of tracks from the album (once they’re recorded, that is). New Enfold Darkness is great news, and really, they’re asking for no money at all, so why don’t you head on over there and pick up some goodies?

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