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Mushroomhead Wrote a Rap-Metal Song About Computer Keyboard Layout

  • Axl Rosenberg

mushroomhead qwerty

Holy shit, did Mushroomhead win the lottery or what? Only on a day when Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne have pooled their evil powers and released a new track is the latest Mushroomhead single the second shittiest song of the day.

Because if you wanted to write a parody of a nu-metal song, you couldn’t do much better than Mushroomhead’s “Qwerty,” which I guess is using the layout of computer and smart phone keyboards as a metaphor for… um… well, they’re pissed at rich people and “patriotic whores,” so maybe it’s political? (That possibility is the only thing keeping me from pointing out how stupid it is when they keep bellyaching, “I HAD A BAD DAY!” Oh, wait. Oops.) Hard to say. But they managed to check just about every horrible cliché off the list:

  • Good cap/rap cop vocals? CHECK!
  • Gang vocals utilizing the word “BOOM!”CHECK!
  • Effects pedals substituting for an inability to play lead guitar? CHECK!
  • “Spooky” circus synths? CHECK!
  • Ape Faith No More with such little skill that Mike Patton wants to take a long walk off a short roof? CHECK!

Listen to the song below… if you dare.

Mushroomhead’s The Something & The Something Else Unrelated comes out whenever the above video says it does. Somehow, these schmucks are on Mayhem Fest this year.

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