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Oath Breakers


oath breakers

Are you digging The Oath’s self-titled debut as much as we are? Are you excited to see what the future holds for this young duo? Well FUCK YOU! The band has just sent out the below e-mail to all of their Bandcamp subscribers:


You’re recieving this email because you at one point purchased music and/or merchandise from The Oath’s bandcamp page.

Thank you very much for this!

Since our album now is released, it’s time to let you know the band is over – and has been for quite some time.

See you in the future.

Now, here’s the little plot twist: this intel came from a fan posting on The Oath’s Facebook page… and that post has since been deleted. So maybe it’s not true? Is there hope?!?!?

Probably not: their Facebook page also lists as their official website.

the oath is dead

That URL just takes you back to their Facebook page. So there’s a slight chance The Oath aren’t splitting up, but… I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much.

In related news, Attila is still together, so thank Christ for that.

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