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Down’s “Conjure” is So F*ckin’ Heavy, It Would Make Black Sabbath Cry


Sabbath Wept

“The next song is so fuckin’ heavy. This next song would make Black Sabbath cry.”

That’s Phil Anselmo’s way of introducing “Conjure,” a new Down track the band recently debuted live (see fan-filmed footage below). Bold words to be sure, especially since Sharon Osbourne had Ozzy lobotomized in 1994, thereby denying him the ability to feel any emotion, including sadness. But if anyone can back up such claims, it’s gotta be Down… right?

Check out “Conjure” below. Funny enough, it also includes Anselmo expressing his feelings about using your cell phones to film shows. The song will appear on Down’s new EP, Down IV – Part Two, which comes out May 13 on ADA.

[via The PRP]

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