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Stream the New Agalloch Album The Serpent & The Sphere Right Now!


Agalloch“Fact: Agalloch can do no wrong,” proclaimed MetalSucks commenter Jay Alan Goodwin when Agalloch released their new song “Celestial Effigy” in March. Alan, we totally agree. Further proof: NPR has the full stream of The Serpent & The Sphere, the band’s fifth album, and it’s every bit as great as we could’ve hoped.

One of many interesting things about Agalloch is that their music is so immediate — the moods, the tones, the melodic and harmonic choices — yet it’s got a level of complexity that necessitates several complete listens to really grasp the entirety of what’s going on. I’ve had The Serpent & The Sphere for a few weeks now, and though I’ve already listened a couple of times through I feel like it hasn’t entirely sunk in yet, in that special way of truly, completely knowing an album. And yet I still like it so much, despite it still mostly feeling generally like “wall of new Agalloch music” to me. Immediacy and complexity together in one package; it’s that rarest of accomplishments in metal, and here it is in front of us.

Stream The Serpent & The Sphere here. It comes out on May 13th via Profound Lore; order it here (or if you’re in Europe, order via Eisenwald).

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