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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: May 6, 2014

  • David Lee Rothmund


Sup y’all. After last week’s sixty (!) new releases, this week must come in with all guns blazing! And I’ll tell ya that there are some underground winners. A majority of this week’s Shit That Comes Out Today fall in the categories of folk, rock, or prog. You’re gonna dig the fuck out of some of it, and the rest of it is gonna piss you off. But either way you will be entertained and that’s the goddamn idea!


Arkona YavArkona
Yav (Napalm)
On a playlist with: Percival Schuttenbach, Dalriada, Finntroll
Listen “Na strazhe novyh let” (here)

Sometimes a new jam is just, well, interesting. Arkona’s shtick is “folk,” but still delightful because they don’t go mad with it. You get little fiddle-guitar licks and upbeat beats without being completely overpowered. Those of us who rarely listen to folk will like that; I like it a lot.


Infecting The SwarmInfecting The Swarm
Pathogenesis (Lacerated Enemy)
On a playlist with: hrrrg blerrrg
Listen Pathogenesis full stream (here)

If you’ve read STCOT for the past year or so, you might know that I love tech-death metal. It’s not my favorite subgenre, but even its mediocre releases get my juices flowing. So I must have a high tolerance for bad tech-death, right? Nope. And that’s Infecting The Swarm’s Pathogenesis: middling skill and some of the most unbearable vocals ever. Songs bleed together in a mush of prehistoric fecal remains, so you’re free to notice that their dumb bludgeonry irritates your cat. I hope your cat doesn’t piss on your floor when he’s stressed. Mine just did. Thanks, Infecting The Swarm.


SadDolls Grave PartySadDolls
Grave Party (Inverse)
On a playlist with: Powerman 5000, Manpower 7000, Powershit 9000
Listen “Lady Cry” (here)

I don’t instantly rule out electronic alt-metal songs with simple choruses and cheesy videos. After all, some bands like SadDolls (but not SadDolls) can write catchy, heavy, straightforward songs. But, just try and give Grave Party any benefits here, because you can’t: It’s so awful that the only worthwhile part of “Lady Cry” is when the leather jacket doofus looks down around to the side like he’s checking out man-junk in the gym locker.


Pagan Fruit (Small Stone)
On a playlist with: Sun Gods In Exile, Backwoods Playback, Pet The Preacher (below)
Listen Pagan Fruit full stream (here)

Consider Pagan Fruit your main new chill/space-out album for weeks to come. What makes Pagan Fruit more metal than rock (if the distinction really matters here anyway) is its many different feels in one tight package. Songs like “Return to the Sky” and “Spirit of the Staircase” are defensively smooth and supple, but don’t preclude the rockablity of “Waiting on Winter.” There’s a noticeable thread of jam-band, blues, and psych-rock, a wonderfully digestible but complicated package.


Voice Of Ruin MorningwoodVoice of Ruin
Morning Wood (Tenacity)
On a playlist with: Conducting From The Grave, As I Lay Dying, Never Met A Dead Man
Listen Morning Wood full stream (here)

Voice of Ruin is the first band of Swiss farmers that I’ve come across (or ever will). So there is an organic angle here, somewhat along the lines of Conducting From The Grave, whom I fucking love. But then again VoR is a bit more core, via the noodly tastes of AILD and other metalcore bands with similar names. But Morning Wood‘s well-integrated groove-core breakdowns and the “full” production makes it a stand out.


Noneuclid - MetatheosisNoneuclid
Metatheosis (Blood)
On a playlist with: Slayer’s God Hates Us All, Terminal Function, Obscura
Listen Metatheosis full stream (here)

I love an album that instantly makes you say, “Ah, that’s how fucking metal should sound.” It comes from the blend of quintessential and modern elements — in the case of Metatheosis, classic thrash and modern death(core). And while some dear MetalSucks comment-writers denounced the vocals, I for one welcome their traditional, classic snap to the whole package.



Albinö Rhino Albinö Rhino (Inverse) listen
Aurvandil Thrones (Eisenwald) listen
Battleroar Blood Of Legends (Cruz del Sur) listen
Black Stone Cherry Magic Mountain (Roadrunner) listen
Cradle Of Filth Total Fucking Darkness demo reissue (Mordgrimm) listen listen
pet the preacher the cave and the sunlightElectrocution Metaphysincarnation (Goregorecords) listen
» E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr Spiralo (Svart) listen
Epica The Quantum Enigma (Nuclear Blast) listen
Ifing Against The Weald (Blood) listen
Limits Rebirth reissue (At Your Command) listen listen
Michael Sweet I’m Not Your Suicide (Big3) listen
Party Animals Light A Fan Cool (Street Symphonies) listen
xandiria» Pet The Preacher The Cave & The Sunlight (Napalm) listen
Skinner Sleepwalkers (Dead Inside) listen
Velnias Sovereign Nocturnal reissue (Eisenwald) listen
Vestal Claret The Cult of Vestal Claret (Cruz del Sur) listen
¤ Woman Is The Earth This Place That Contains My Spirit (Eisenwald) listen
» Xandria Sacrificum (Napalm) listen


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