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ACxDC Has Selected “Filicide”



It’s tempting to describe a song like “Filicide” as self-indulgent. No, not its sound; it’s two short minutes of concise crunch from ACxDC, our favorite post-Suicidal Tendencies blastcore band. Instead, it’s the message that seems to exist for its own sake: Bigoted parents, “Filicide” screams, must not fail to nurture their gay kids. Of course that’s true, but in ACxDC’s company, it goes without saying, right? That is, anybody listening to L.A. powerviolence in 2014 needs nary a reminder about the error of dooming your own offspring via your own rigid and fear-based belief system.

That’s what we’d suppose, anyway. Perhaps wrongly, for lately some metal people have made surprising allowances to Nazi sympathizers, apologists for spree killers, and other anachronistic knuckleheads who seek to force their little-dick nonsense on everybody else. So maybe the message of “Filicide” is just as essential as its sound. And just as awesome. Crank it up below (via L.A. Weekly).

ACxDC’s debut album Antichrist Demoncore is out June 24 via Melotov. 

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