Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Sunday To Hush Now, Child….and MOVE ON UP

  • Kip Wingerschmidt

hush-little-babyAs inspired by my new-found affinity for Albany doom purveyors HUSH. (whose new album Unexist comes out on 6/24 — check out their awesome might via new songs here and here, and 1st album here) and a very thought-provoking debate I attended last week, I implore you all to stop yammering and moveonup.

Kill the noise, be honest with yourself, and find the wherewithal to get real.  Life is too short and solutions are too easy to keep making excuses.  Get the voices out of your head and follow your dreams, however crazy they may seem.

If you want to base jump off the Freedom Tower, make that shit happen.

If you want to loop over nine minutes of the breakdown from “Two Princes”, just go ahead now.

If you want to kick a cat 20 feet in the air and laugh about it……well then you’re going to jail, fucker!

But above all, quit your jibber-jabber and make some goodness happen…



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